I Love Daughtry!

Bailey here again –

So you know I love Native flute music, especially Carlos Nakai. But I also have a rocker side. I love the band, Daughtry! Yes I watched Chris Daughtry when he was on American Idol, and I cheered for him from the moment of his first audition.

Not only did I love his amazing and unique voice, I loved his story. What a cool guy! He married his wife, Deanna, in 2000 and became a dad to her children. How many young guys do you know who’ll do that? And then he got famous – very successful and famous. But did he trade in his wife for a shiny, new one? 


He’s still in love with Deanna and they just had twins in November 2010.

Here’s what kind of guy Chris is. In a December 2007 interview with Gibson Lifestyle, Chris said, “I used to call [my wife] and just quickly throw in the towel. But I’ve found that the less I say and the more I actually listen to her, and just be there without actually being there, is the best thing I can do. As a man, I always feel like I need to say something. Sometimes I have to stop myself because all I want to do is call and tell her about how much awesome stuff is going on in my life, and, you know, her day is sucking hard. I could write a book on it, I’m serious.” 

Is he just too good to be true??

Anyway, about the music. I love both Daughtry albums – Daughtry, the five-times platinum and fastest-selling debut rock album in Soundscan history, and Leave This Town, which is already platinum. I rarely like every single song on an album, but that’s the way it is with both of these for me. Every. Single. Song. 

I especially love the song, “It’s Not Over” (Daughtry) with the words: 

  • It’s not over
  • This love is killing me but you’re the only one
  • It’s not over

I dream of someone being so in love with me that they would feel like this. About me. Hmmmm.

I also love the song, “Call Your Name” (Leave This Town) with the words:

  • And when you fall apart
  • Am I the reason for your endless sorrow
  • There’s so much to be said
  • And with a broken heart
  • Your walls can only go down but so low
  • Can you hear me when I call your name

Oh, such bittersweet sorrow. Ugh. I love it! To feel such powerful emotions AND to be able to put them into words.

You can check out Daughtry at http://www.daughtryofficial.com

Let me know if you’re a Daughtry fan, too.

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