Discover Your Talents and Gifts! Part 2

Bailey here again – 

So we’ve talked about talents and I believe everyone has several to choose from. Some kids at school don’t think they have any talents. I think they just haven’t found them yet.

But let’s talk about gifts. I believe a gift is a power you’re born with, and you don’t have to practice it to be good at it – you just are.

Gifts are things like:

  • Charisma
  • Animal whispering
  • Healing
  • Leading
  • Organization
  • Intuition

We all know people who attract other people like magnets. Everybody likes them, right? Everything they do is cool, even when they’re goofy. We want to be like them, but when we try, we fall flat. Those people have charisma. You can’t obtain or practice charisma. You either have it or you don’t – I don’t.

I’ve heard some people have the gift of healing. Their touch actually causes the human body to physically heal itself. I don’t know anyone with this gift, but I think it’d be way cool! Maybe you can’t heal people with your touch, but do people seem to feel comfortable talking to you? Or are you one of the first to get called when your friends have something exciting to share? Then maybe you can mend souls.

I have a way of sometimes knowing what’s going to happen. Call it intuition or whatever. I don’t know how to control it, stop it, or make it happen. It’s just there. When I get a vibe or a thought, I always try to listen to it because I’ve gotten insight into the future. Might sound weird, but I’ve known about unannounced visitors before they arrived, and I’ve known something bad was headed my way before it happened. I’ve even gotten echoes of the past at times. Anyway, I feel like the intuition is a gift – a power – I was born with.

I believe – as Mrs. Creek does – that every person has talents they can tap into. I don’t know if everyone is born with a gift or not, but I’d like to think so. Anyway, try to discover your talents and find out if you have a gift. It makes life so much more interesting.

Let me know what you find out.

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