Discover Your Talents and Gifts! Part 1

Bailey here –

So Jazz asked me if there’s a difference between a gift and a talent. I’m certainly no authority, but I told her a talent is a natural ability you’re born with, and a gift is a power (or energy) you’re born with.

Talents are things like:

  • Dancing
  • Ability to Play Sports / Athleticism
  • Singing
  • Playing a Musical Instrument
  • Artistic Talent like Drawing, Painting, Pottery, etc.
  • Writing

When you have a talent, it means you have a natural ability to be good at something. But you still have to practice and hone that ability in order to do it well. Singers and athletes will be the first to admit the long hours of practice it takes to be great. I think I have a talent for dancing. I find it very easy to learn steps and don’t have a problem with getting my body to move the way I want.

Jazz, on the other hand, can’t dance to save her life. Her movements are choppy and stilted no matter how hard she tries. It’s just not her thing. So, I guess if you’re NOT born with a certain talent, you can try and try and still never get good at it. Better to spend time developing your own unique talents, in my opinion.

So Jazz can’t dance, but that girl can write. She spends hours and hours writing and loves it – I just don’t get it. I mean, I can write enough to get by, but to do it for fun? Ugh. Jazz has been writing for years and still thinks she has a ton to learn. So even though she has the talent – and she’s good – she still works very hard to get better.

So how do you find out what your talents are? Take a piece of paper (right now!) and write down all the activities you like to do, or would like to do. Also write down anything else you’re interested in. My short list looks like this:

  • Horses
  • Basketball
  • Track
  • Making Jewelry
  • Dancing
  • River Rafting
  • Snow Skiing
  • Doing Research
  • Uncovering Mysteries
  • Native American Traditions
  • Finding the Indian of my dreams

So go ahead and make your own list. Let your mind go wild. Don’t stifle it. Be silly.

Then take a look at your list. Pick something you’d like to try and go for it.  Remember you may not be great at it right away. But if it’s fun, feels right, and you’d enjoy spending time on it, you might have found one of your talents. Don’t stop at just one. You have many more.

Let me know how it goes! And I’ll talk about gifts later.

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