Magpies Newsstand Cafe

Bailey here again –

I promised to tell you about my favorite coffee house – Magpies Newsstand Cafe.  It’s on Main Ave across 7th Street from the historic Strater Hotel in the middle of downtown Durango.  In fact, the Downtown Durango Cam is on Magpies’ roof, so check out what Main Avenue looks like right now at

Anyway, I love Magpies because it’s just a cool place.  Everyone hangs out there, especially on the front patio on the warm summer evenings.  The people-watching is great – you never know who you’re going to see, like maybe some beefy river guides or hot, long-haired Natives!  Then there are all the cool cars cruising down Main Ave.  I’m a Mustang lush, with an obsession for 60’s series ‘Stangs.  There’s a black ’65 Mustang Fastback that cruises through town every now and then.  I’d love to meet who drives that.  And maybe even get to ride in it!

But I make Jazz sit inside on the cold days.  I hate being cold and it’s nice and cozy inside, and you can still see out the big windows.  Oh, and the magazine and newspaper section is HUGE!  I’ve seen magazines at Magpies that I haven’t seen anywhere else.  I swear there’s a magazine for every subject, hobby, and interest. 

So my favorite drink to get at Magpies is the chai – hmmm, tastes like spicy liquid pumpkin pie.  Even though they have a million different drink options, I always get the chai.  I get it hot in the winter and iced in the summer.  And their giant cinnamon rolls and homemade pies are delicious, but I try not to eat too many.  Got to stay in shape for my sports – basketball, track, river rafting and skiing.

So anyway, the next time you’re in Durango, I highly recommend a stop at Magpies.  And you just might see me there.

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